Welded construction – Stainless steel Cabinets

The unit below is the first off of a batch of 20 cabinets. These cabinets will be installed outside in harsh environments so have been constructed from 316 stainless steel.  We have designed the cabinet in such a way that the joins between each panel overlap to help stop the ingress of water.  After riveting the panels together, all joints are then TIG welded together to give maximum strength and rigidity.  After welding, waterproofing seals are added to the carcass, and the doors hung using 6mm thick stainless steel hinges.  To maintain the correct compression ratio on the seals, special compression locks are for this application.

20161104_11295420161103_09405220161103_103405 20161103_103414

RAS Bending station

I’ve uploaded a video on YouTube showing one of our two RAS bending stations forming a typical pallet rack shelf. Click the link detail to view it.

IMG 6583


Plan chests – Come in all shapes and sizes

We produce museum quality plan chests in various standard sizes, drawer configuration and styles. Special & bespoke units can be manufactured to order. Bespoke storage solutions can be designed & manufactured to incorporate shelves, drawers, doors etc. to suit our customer’s individual requirements.

All units come with a range of different options including, deep rear hood and front flaps fitted to the drawer, this prevents drawing curl, anti-tilt and locking. We also offer a ‘drop-down’ front option of drawer, the drawer front easily rotates to just below horizontal enabling the fragile contents to be placed into the drawer without any damage to the item.

All planchest are robustly manufactured and an extended guarantee can be offered.

dscf0034 img_0003

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Domed tops – welding and cleaning

Another top quality item being produced this week at CDS, these domed top are designed not only to sit on top of cupboards to give a nice aesthetically pleasing look but also to stop anything be placed on them.  The center section is sheared as a flat blank, only once it is TIG welded to the curved side panels does it take its shape.  As you can see the seam is completely welded and is then linished to give a smooth joint.


20160909_10223320160909_10230520160909_102243 20160909_102236

Screen mounts

275 screen mounts required by the middle of next week!!!! All the associated metal work has been punched and bent accordingly, the final stage before it goes off to be paint is the spot welding.  So that the operator can’t spot weld the brackets on incorrectly, a simple jig is used, this not only ensures that the short brackets go along the sides but also positions them in the correct place.

20160826_115220 20160826_11510920160826_115118


Punching, Bending and Spot welding

Another project based job being processed through the factory.  With the punching, bending and spot welding complete, all that’s left to do is add some paint before they can be installed next week.

These cosmetic door panels were punched over night on our Vipros punching machine before being bent on the RAS bending cell.

To gain strength on the lock side, a reinforcement section is being spot welding onto the door panel.

20160819_091027 20160819_091058 20160819_091137 20160819_091224 20160819_091243


Summer shutdown, retirement and a Birthday!!!

We shut today for our annual 2 week summer holiday, but before we go, Terry, who has been with us for the last 14 years is retiring today, so from all of us at CDS “Good luck Terry and enjoy your retirement”.

Also, during the shutdown Andy Dawson will be turning 50 during the first week of August, so, Happy Birthday Andy have a great day.

20160721_130638 20160721_130551

Bright Spark………

Just started to fabricate a batch of 400No Stainless frames, each frame requires punching, bending and welding.

This is the first frame being TIG welded, with 22 separate welding operations this is going to take some time.

20160701_102352 20160701_103537 20160701_103550


Something for the weekend………

With over 6500 plates required for next week, the tools in the turret are being checked and set up ready for a busy weekend of punching.  Once the go button is pushed this afternoon, it will be punching non stop until the early hours of Monday morning.  So Andy can have a relaxing weekend off, especially needed as he’s just completed 34 years service here at CDS.

20160624_105814 20160624_104938


You’ve got to love automation, this is one of two RAS bending stations in operation.  It has the ability to create not only up, down and swept bends but radius bends too. Video coming soon

With the added bonus of quick tool changes (complete tool change in 90 seconds), we can go from job to job with little or no effect on production time.

IMG_6574 consumer unit visual

Deck panel 01 Deck panel 02